memOrY to SuNwaY LagoOn theMe Park

30 August 2008,

i went to sunway lagoon Theme Park..

uh,,best gilerr.. nasib bek x jadi giler je,,

i went there with haizi.. my close fwen in UTP..harhar..

there,,k2rg men sume mende kat woRld of Adventure..

  1. wagon wheel
  2. fun Fair
  3. lost city of gold
  4. Tiger adventure
  5. Pirate’s Revenge
  6. Apache Pots
  7. The Cave
  8. Tomahawk
  9. buffalo bill coaster
  10. Niagra Falls Flume Ride
  11. rolleR coaster(ni nek smpai 5 kali)hahaha

Scream Park- Rumah Hantu,,, pgalaman pahit wat tgn aku mgeletar tak benty je…harhar..


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